My Thoughts on the war against Planned Parenthood

There has been a war launched on Planned Parenthood in the past few years, and I have some things to say about it. I felt that reposting something on my FaceBook timeline didn’t do my feelings justice, so, I realize that this post will veer off the regular path of this blog, but who cares, it’s mine.

Perhaps you are already aware, that most recently the Susan B. Komen organization (who, by the way, is a bit of a sham anyway..just saying) has pulled funding from routine preventative screenings at Planned Parenthood. A move to show their solidarity with the “life” movement.

As a woman who has been uninsured, or underinsured most of my adult life, I have been a regular client of Planned Parenthood. Most of what services I have received from Planned Parenthood have been routine screenings (PAP Smears) and Birth Control. I love my children dearly, I think they are the most wonderful two people on the planet. They were planned. They were wanted. I got pregnant with them at the times in my life that I wanted to get pregnant.

Let’s pretend Planned Parenthood didn’t exist. Maybe I wouldn’t have had access to affordable birth control. Let’s remember…no insurance for this productive member of society. Maybe I would have gotten pregnant. I can honestly say that I don’t know if I would have kept a pregnancy had I not been in a healthy monogamous relationship. So, here’s my conclusion, and it’s not based on a study, it’s just my opinion, but I think my opinion is common sense, and informed, I think the overall war will eventually cause more abortions to happen, rather than just save some pro lifers some money.

Now, still uninsured. I come to the point in my life where routine screenings are right around the corner. I am a fan of preventative care, and so, will probably figure a way to get screened, but most of those who I know, that don’t have insurance, need a place like Planned Parenthood to help them afford an expensive test. Most people don’t want to spend money on the “just in case” when it’s a choice between paying the NYSEG bill or having a cancer screening. It’s just a fact of life, that when medical services aren’t provided or available people wait til the last minute to deal with it, and oh, go bankrupt if something is wrong. So, more death. This is exactly what the pro life movement is after, right? Hey, pro life movement, what’s the deal, how can you not see that Planned Parenthood is a big piece of this puzzle?? How can you not see that preventative care and responsible family planning are PRO LIFE!!!!

So, way to go Susan B. Komen. Way to be, in the words of Keith Olberman “The Worst Person (corporations are people, right?) In the World”

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

You can stand with Planned Parenthood too, and sign this petition


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