Road Trip to Rochester

My very dear friend Kim, who I went to college with moved back home to Rochester two years ago with her husband Adam (also a college friend).  It seems so silly, but I think I see her less now that she’s two hours away than I did when she was 3.5 hours away living in New Jersey!

Talking on the phone with her earlier last week, I just decided it had been too long since I’d seen her, and with her being 20 weeks pregnant, I didn’t want too much more of her pregnancy to go by without seeing her growing belly!!!   Charlotte travels a whole bunch better now than she did even a couple months ago, so it’s a lot easier to do things like an overnight in Rochester.  Going to Kim’s is a blast.  She and Adam love the girls dearly, and have a blast playing with them.  They both work for YMCA’s in Rochester, and so we have access to a really nice pool, and indoor playground while we’re there, AND the Strong Museum of Play is about 15 minutes from their house.

The girls were absolute angels for the car ride up.  That’s a real treat from what it used to be like – Charlotte didn’t like the car for the longest time, so I used to just dread having to go anywhere.  We got there a little after three and headed out to the Y that Kim works at.  I gotta say, I’m really jealous of their Y.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  Brand new, state of the art equipment.  The pool is gorgeous, the indoor play area for kids is perfect!   They even have a rock climbing wall.  Kinda makes me want to move to Rochester.  Afterwards we were all pretty hungry so we headed home for some burgers and fries, YUM.

Just a relaxing night really, just what I needed.  Some good company of friends, and then off to bed with my cutie girls.  Annie sleeps in her own bed at home now, so I just had to get a picture of the two girls sleeping side by side for the first time.   Maybe soon this will be the new normal, since I hope to have them both in the same room together.

Saturday morning we woke up, and had the pleasure of Adam making waffles for us!  Somehow Kim’s whole family, and I do mean her whole family (well, minus one niece) ended up coming over for a visit!  I was really excited to see them all, and Annie loved meeting Kim’s niece Amber, who she called “Hammer”  🙂

We did finally get out the door to the museum, and it was such a fun day!  There are too many exhibits to do all in one day, so we’ll have to go back soon.   We started out at Sesame Street, where there’s a little room devoted to “Elmo’s World”, a video camera and a green screen where kids can see themselves “in a movie” with their favorite character, a little hot dog stand like the one in front of Hooper’s store (I think) a puppet show area, on and on!

Beyond that area there was a whole section with a train table and then a real little train ride.  So of course Annie saw that and was all about getting on the train.   In fact she almost had a complete meltdown while waiting her turn to get on the train.

Moving on to tinker town!  Now this room is why Danny must come with us next time.  An entire room devoted to those who love to tinker. Danny loves legos mostly, but I think he would really enjoy hanging out in this room with all the tinkertoys.  Annie however was thoroughly convince that the round part of the tinker toys were cookies….chomp chomp.

My personal favorite of all the exhibits is the little Wegman’s.  It’s this tiny little version of our regular Wegmans, with fake packages of food and other products, that are in actual Wegman’s packaging, or packaging that you would find at Wegman’s…like Driscoll berries, or Perry’s ice cream.   You get to go in, and using a child sized cart shop for your groceries.  At the end, there are actual child sized conveyor belts and cash registers for checking out.  It’s so much fun.  I found out the hard way, that you should probably explain to your toddler, before “buying groceries”  that we aren’t going to take any of it with us.   When it was time to put it all back at the end, she totally lost it.   We had shopped, and checked out as far as she was concerned, and now we were supposed to take these things to our car.  So, we had a meltdown on the way out to the car.  And the whole way home.  Right up until Adam cured our sorrows with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  I mean, really…who doesn’t love some chocolate and peanut butter?

Then it was time to pack up and leave. The girls once again, were perfect for the ride home.  Charlotte sleeping most of the way, and Annie sleeping part of the way.   Annie keeps talking about Kim and Adam and Toga..and of course the baby in the belly that will be the newest addition to the Wallach family very soon, who we can’t wait to go back and love on.



(eta:  Please ignore the blurry pictures…I forgot my real cameras, I shouldn’t be allowed to own a dslr)


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