Today has been a pretty boring day at the Doyle household.  A usual Tuesday can now mean me going into work in the morning, and Danny being home with the girls, then switching off so he can go to work in the afternoon.  The restaurant being closed means that his workday is shorter, so he’s usually home before 4, and we can enjoy lazing around the rest of the evening.

Charlotte here, with the dog.  She’s a huge fan of the dog, and fortunately Ginny was broken in with Annie, so she’ll stand to be pet by the baby.

Annie’s picture today is pretty silly.  It’s not unusual for her to be making some silly face, so this sums her up pretty well.   Please take note of the Hello Kitty band aid on her forehead.  This particular band aid has been on her head for some time now, and Annie refuses to let us take it off.  Even talk of taking the band aid off has her in tears, so…since it hurts no one to leave it on, it stays.  As the pictures progress, let’s see how long it takes to get that sucker off.

Serious Silliness


About Midge

Stay at home mom/goddess, with a part time job as an events planner/fundraiser/outreach educator/whateverthehellmydepartmentwantsmetodo at BOCES Youth Development Department! I love my kids, I love to cook, I love to use social media, I love to drink, I love to eat, I would love to be a knitter, I need to read more, and I LOVE to work out!
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