I can’t believe it has been almost a month since my last post!  Time has absolutely flown by.   It’s also hard to believe that Charlotte is five months old.  I’m so enjoying her as a baby, she’s completely delightful.  She smiles all the time, she’s mostly content all the time, she sleeps fairly well, we are so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful addition in our family.

Today is Thanksgiving, so it is apropos for me to give thanks for all I have.  I am grateful to the wonderful family I have.  My husband is fantastic!  Always going the extra mile to help me, play with the girls, take care of things around the house, take care of things at work.  The girls are obviously the best children a mother could ask for.  Annie, even in her most challenging of moments is still such a great person.  Her constantly growing mind amazes me!  In the past month she has become totally conversational, and adds new words and ideas every minute.   Often, Danny will teach her something when it’s just them hanging out, like about her shadow.  One night on the way up to bed Annie pointed out her shadow to me, and I did a double take.  It’s amazing how this little person, who to me still seems like a baby, is sucking up all this information.  Charlotte, is still my snuggly little mushroom.  She’s perfect.  Within the past two weeks she has started being able to sit unassisted, and has been making moves that look like she’ll probably start attempting to crawl soon.  I can’t believe that she’s moving along so quickly.  People always say that this time goes so fast, and it’s so true!  I’m thankful also for our business.  Three years ago, we were having Thanksgiving dinner in the newly remodeled space, which wasn’t open for business yet.  We were hopeful, but nervous. Really really nervous.   It’s tough work.  Dirty and even backbreaking for Danny sometimes…but we have a viable working restaurant.  I am thankful.


About Midge

Stay at home mom/goddess, with a part time job as an events planner/fundraiser/outreach educator/whateverthehellmydepartmentwantsmetodo at BOCES Youth Development Department! I love my kids, I love to cook, I love to use social media, I love to drink, I love to eat, I would love to be a knitter, I need to read more, and I LOVE to work out!
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