Busy busy

I feel like there is so much to say day to day, and that I want to get the chance to really write it all out, and then when I sit down in front of the computer, it’s just not there anymore! I’ll just start somewhere then.

Last week we went to Bakers acres with our friends Meredith and Corina, and Kristy, Chris and Mason.  It was a gorgeous fall day, the kind that you just wish you could have all year long.  There were several spots where the kids could go look at or pet animals, a tiny little “tall grass maze”  where Annie and Mason both picked out a pumpkin, a hayride, and a horse ride.

She absolutely loved being on the horse, and I’m sure she would have stayed up there all day if it weren’t for there being other things to be able to distract her.

We were great consumers, and had some apple cider donuts, and got some apple cider as well!  It was delicious.

The pumpkin Annie picked out is still her best friend.  She carries it all around the house, and because it is heavy she say’s “heavy”  while she carries it.  The problem now, is that she thinks the name for a pumpkin is “heavy”  seems to be a common thread for her, that something gets to be named whatever Annie deems its name shall be.  Very determined child I have.

Annie has also become very skilled in the art of peeling an apple.  My friend Meredith was kind enough to lend us her apple peeler, which is one of those contraptions that you stick the apple on the end and crank it so the peel comes off and the core is cut out all at the same time.  It’s fantastic.  Well of course Annie wanted to be my helper while using it.  So Danny and I went about teaching her how to make the thing work.  She became an excellent apple peeler!  When we packed it up to take it back to Meredith, she was pretty sad about the whole thing.  She saw Danny with it, so she reached into the apple bag and pulled out a couple apples, presuming that she was needed to make the peeler go…and when Danny walked it out the door and to my car, her little face crumpled and she spilled out some tears.  Poor kid.  Guess I should get her a peeler for Christmas.

I have been feeling very busy lately, mostly due to the part time job that I have picked up.  Right now it’s working well to have Danny watch the girls in the morning while I hop off to work.  No daycare costs that way and it gives Danny some nice time to spend with the girls.  Charlotte, unlike Annie, will take a bottle so I am more relaxed out of the house with Charlotte at home than I was with Annie.  I am craving some time to spend with just Annie though.  I think she’s at a point where she needs a little more one on one time with me, and she’s just not getting it.  It will take a little configuring, but I think we can do it.  I don’t know how other moms make it look so easy.  It’s like magic for some women, they just have their two or more children trailing behind them, minding, no issues…meanwhile I’m a frazzled crazy looking person wearing a baby on my front, pleading with my two year old to get her to do anything.  I’m hoping that we’re just experiencing the “terrible twos” and that this too shall pass, and on the other end is my happy, helpful, lovey dovey girl.

We’re still working on the potty training.  I’m torn between just flat out keeping Annie in diapers for another month or so, and continuing to work the potty training til she’s got it.  I’m just not sure if it’s normal to have been working on it for so long and not have it be working yet.  Perhaps she’s just regressing a little and will move forward soon.  I’m still so confused as to why she is completely potty learned if she is naked, but will just go in her pants if she is wearing any!!  I just plain don’t get it.  I think we just need to stay home for a week and make it happen.

Then of course is the next big thing.  WEANING.  I’m working on weaning Annie…Oh so many big things all at once.  Most of the people I have talked to, or read, say that it’s time to wean when it’s not mutually enjoyable anymore.  I’m definitely not enjoying nursing Annie anymore.  So we are working out a three time a day routine, morning, before what should be a nap, and before bed.  I’m hoping that within a few days she’s got that routine down, and then between now and Christmas I will talk up a storm about really weaning.  I have to come up with something very special for her as a weaning present.

Charlie is just her usual self.  Someone today commented on how big she is for a 3.5 month old.  Such a drastic change from her sister who has always been such a total peanut.  At least now I know that it’s not my breastmilk that made Annie be so tiny!  She’s still sleeping really well, and nursing great.  I am thinking it’s way past time to get the crib set up for her.  One of the tricks with two is that you really need a place to put the baby for a nap, otherwise she doesn’t get one because Annie keeps waking her up.  So, we’ll set up the crib and see how it goes.  We might try also putting her in the crib at night, but we’ll see.

I am also no longer at risk of “accidentally” getting pregnant with a third.  I had an IUD placed on Tuesday, which went fantastically well.  I was a little melancholy about it, because I’m pretty sure the only way we’ll ever decide to have a third would have been if it had happened surprisingly.  Our rational brains will never let up and decide to have a baby, and the IUD is good for twelve years.  Perhaps some things will change in our life, and we’ll be in a very different place in another three years, but I’m not counting on it.  So a little sad, I guess, but more than pleased with our family as is.

Well, that’s this week in a nutshell.  I tried to leave out the mundane, although it has a way of working itself in there somehow.  I’m going to have a glass of wine now.


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Stay at home mom/goddess, with a part time job as an events planner/fundraiser/outreach educator/whateverthehellmydepartmentwantsmetodo at BOCES Youth Development Department! I love my kids, I love to cook, I love to use social media, I love to drink, I love to eat, I would love to be a knitter, I need to read more, and I LOVE to work out!
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