Bethany Beach 2010

Well, I’ve been a rotten blogger so far, partly because after Annie’s birthday, it was a mad rush for me to get ready to drive the six hours to Bethany Beach, DE for our two week Noonan family vacation.  Earlier this summer, mom and I had a conversation about making this happen, and so I set about researching and renting a house on the beach.  It’s the first time we’ve ever done a family vacation like this and it was really a lot of fun.

After work on a Saturday (August 29th), Danny and I hauled ass to get all of our things packed up and into the car.  He drove the Subaru with most of the stuff in it, and I was driving the Accord with the girls in the car.  We woke early the next morning, and got on the road by 9:20.  The drive down to Bethany Beach is actually not so bad.  Take out the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and it’s perfect.   My fear was that Charlotte would start hysterically crying on the Turnpike, and I would have no where to pull over.   She did beautifully on the way down there, and didn’t wake up until we hit Delaware, and then I had to stop every five minutes on Rt 1, but that’s a road you can safely pull off of when you need to.

So an uneventful trip for the most part, if you don’t count the jar of vidalia onion barbecue sauce that I shattered in the farmers market (one of the many stops I made on Rt 1, to settle Charlie).  We arrived at the house around 4pm, and set about settling in.  The house itself was great.  As with all beach houses the main living areas, living room, dining area and kitchen are all on the 2nd floor, and the bedrooms on the first.   Well, except for the bedroom Danny and I shared with the girls.   We experienced Grotto’s Pizza, a Delaware beach institution, and we went down to the beach.

It was of course absolutely gorgeous.  If we’d had more time that evening I think we would have gone in, but it was dinner time, and best we got settled in.

We ended up putting all the kids to bed and drinking margaritas into the wee hours.  It was really nice to sit around and chat it up with my brother and Heather (his wife).  We don’t ever get a chance to do that.

The next few days were spent beaching it up.  We had a great visit to the beach Monday, all the kids got to spend time in tide pools, and just mess around generally.   Tuesday was sad for me, because Danny had to leave, go back to Ithaca for the restaurant for a few days, and then come back the following Sunday.   Mom arrived on Tuesday as well.   I was actually out doing some shopping and getting the girls to take a nap when she came into town, so I met her at the store and guided her back to the house, since you can’t see the road signs very well from the street it was easier for her to just do it that way.

Most of the days just kind of blend together for me.  I really wish that I had spent more of my evenings writing it all down, but every day was a little like being on the crazy train with all the kids, trying to get meals made, everyone to the beach and back.   With all three of Aaron and Heather’s kids, and then the two of mine, throw some wind in there and our lack of knowledge of proper beach equipment, and we were definitely worn out at the end of every day

We decided that one of the days we would make the trip down to Ocean City, MD. because there is a nice sized boardwalk there.  It was really fun looking at all of the shops.  Sarah was on a mission to get a hermit crab, so Mom and Sarah stopped in practically every store that was selling hermit crabs to ask questions before deciding on buying some.  At one point we did find this playground/boat thing for the little kids to play on, so we stopped there for a long time.

Friday and Saturday were more beach days.  I wish I had more pictures, but since my hands were completely full without Danny being there yet, I just couldn’t get as many shots as I wanted.  We have some cute pictures of the girls in their matching outfits though!

Danny arrived back at the Beach Sunday morning.  He left super early, to be able to be back with enough time to enjoy the beach Sunday afternoon.  It was both relieving, and really fun to have him there with us.  Annie was extremely excited to have daddy around again, and when she saw him walk in she grinned and danced around.

Here’s a picture of Danny and his little Charlie

Monday, Aaron and Heather packed up and got on the road.  And then it was just Mom, Danny, me and the girls!  We decided that we should go out to dinner.  We went online and looked at restaurant reviews and such, and found that there was a really nice place a little north of us called Blue Coast.  So we decided on going there, and it was so delicious.  It was the perfect beach restaurant for us, and I’m sure we’ll be going back.

Tuesday should have been another beach day, but since the wind was really bad, we decided to just sit around on the deck at the house – which was also fun.  It was just nice to have our family be able to spend some time together.  Wednesday Danny was leaving.  Sad for both of us, but I still had another full day at the beach.  I made him stand around long enough so that I could have a family photo!

The rest of Wednesday, mom and I decided to go to “Downtown Bethany” which is not very big, but does host its own boardwalk.  It was nice, and afterward we did go back to the beach, which was absolutely perfect. No wind, just nice calm waves.

Wednesday night, my friend Kelly and her daughter Lizzy came out to visit.  She moved to Bethesday MD, and was only 3 hours away, as opposed to the 8 hours that is from Ithaca.  It was so fun to have her show up, and hang out.  We stayed up too late talking, and then had to wake up super early the next morning, because both Annie and Lizzy wake up so early these days.   I felt bad for Kelly because she was 6 weeks pregnant, and had to have been so tired.   We trotted down to the beach the next morning though.  Another nice day to be at the beach.  Lizzy and Annie had fun playing in the sand and eating snacks, as is evidenced by this picture.

That was our last day at the beach.  We had to hustle that night after Kelly left, to get all of our things together, diapers washed, food dealt with.  We did a pretty good job though, being able to leave right about 9am, both of us.  Here we are, all packed up


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