Sizing Error

So I have to share this funny moment in life.  My mom bought an outfit for Annie, one of those cute little bubble one piece summer things, super cute.  Well when Charlie was born, my friend Kim bought the same exact one for the baby, not knowing Annie had the same outfit.

So now, whenever I put Charlie in this outfit, Annie loses her mind if I don’t also put her in hers.  So now I just get out both of them and dress the girls in matching outfits (something I vowed I would never do)

Yesterday morning I pulled these outfits out, and threw one at Danny, and had him dress Charlie.   I was putting Annie’s on her, meanwhile thinking, Jeez…this is getting tight.   And saying to her “Annie, this is probably the last time for this outfit, you’re growing right out of it”   It was really really tight, but I still managed to get it on her.

Danny looked at her and said “Honey, are you sure she’s got the right one on?”   Low and behold, I had squished my two year old into a 0-3 month outfit.


About Midge

Stay at home mom/goddess, with a part time job as an events planner/fundraiser/outreach educator/whateverthehellmydepartmentwantsmetodo at BOCES Youth Development Department! I love my kids, I love to cook, I love to use social media, I love to drink, I love to eat, I would love to be a knitter, I need to read more, and I LOVE to work out!
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