Figuring it all out

Pretty much that’s whats I’m doing all the time right now. Being the mom to two, the home economist, dinner, this blog – yeah I have no idea what I’m doing.
Fortunately I’m pretty confident that I’m not alone in feeling that way. I decided that I have been spending entirely way too much time online. So what do I do? I start a blog, online. Okay well here’s my reasoning: I’m really bad about keeping track of what my kids are up to. Yup, haven’t even started a baby book for Annie, and due to the unfortunate events surrounding the virus of my computer last year, I don’t even have half of the photos I took in her first year. Probably my worst mom guilt point of fact to date. So here I am, making up for my online time, and my lack of recording any substantial moment in my children’s lives by writing a blog. Makes sense right? No one has to see it but me, so there.

Anyway, before I forget. Shoes means Orange is the title of this blog, and its because Annie had the cutest little pair of sandals, that were orange in color, and although she can name all of the colors for the most part, using their correct names, she has decided that the word “shoes” means “orange” and no amount of correction has convinced her otherwise. And so we begin.


About Midge

Stay at home mom/goddess, with a part time job as an events planner/fundraiser/outreach educator/whateverthehellmydepartmentwantsmetodo at BOCES Youth Development Department! I love my kids, I love to cook, I love to use social media, I love to drink, I love to eat, I would love to be a knitter, I need to read more, and I LOVE to work out!
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